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The Roaring Twenties

A party Tailored to celebrate my 1917 Parlor Grand Steinway around ten years ago. (Me in the middle)

Character Descriptions

For me, writing Specific descriptions of characters, can be a challenge. I kinda like this one, though. The visual makes me giggle. (Voice of eleven-year-old Emma June) If anyone is two crackers shy of a box, it’s Miss Helen. She takes trips to the big city so…

I looked, but found something better

  I found a treasure instead. My piano, “Three-Legged Dog”, a 1917 parlor-grand Steinway piano, helped me write this poem for her coming-out, coming home party in 2000. We celebrated her arrival in 1920’s costume and music. She was born in Chicago in 1917, went to New York,…