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the Sighing of pedals

I grow my flowers lovingly  I  touch, their pedals sigh from knowing of their task in life –delight and mystify. The rose, it’s thorns protective, pierce a skin, naive of threat but once a droplet, red, descends the memory’s inset As the milkweed draws the… Continue Reading “the Sighing of pedals”

Survival of the fittest

They pulled themselves out of the gutter and thrived with satisfaction.


They grow in the dirt They’re pretty incredible And they are also entirely Edible! (Just to name a few)

Picking Moonflowers

painting by CD-W Earth

When simple is best

Two canvases and acrylic paint.  


Another fabulous photo taken by my friend, David Stalker.

RAW Journel Kernels – For You!

A little aroma to start your day. And remember, don’t color within the lines. Stay out of the box!   🙂 All these old journal kernels (entries) are raw, unedited and scanned into this blog.