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A Hint of Peace

Sometimes, between the wall that divides us, ¬†grows a single rose.  

Get Rid and Live

Once you get rid of the riffraff, the world is calm and beautiful. I created this image by merging two of my paintings via photoshop. daily word press prompt: via Riff

Recipe for Letting Go

In a cast iron skillet, add: their negative comments crass looks middle fingers curse words belittlement bullying judgements betrayal lies venom   Do NOT let the ingredients boil over, cause a fire, or ruin the pan (you might need it later) Let simmer for…

Forgivenss: NOW OPEN!!

Grandma parked her Ferrari and rushed through the door of the Moxie Courageous Everything Store. “I need one sturdy jump rope, two twenty-pound weights, elbow and knee pads and blue roller skates.”   “Will ¬†that be all?” the salesman said.   Grandma looked at…

Learning to forgive