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They were lucky to be neighbors, but happier to be best friends. painting by CD-W daily word prompt: neighbors.

White Girl Dancin’

Small town Mississippi visitin’  a friend  stayin’ in a shotgun house tilted on one end Main Street short railroad long light’nin’ bugs flicker with their own torch song Blues man playin’ me ‘an cook staff laughin’  holding’ our bellies at this white girl dancin’… Continue Reading “White Girl Dancin’”

Eight seconds to wish you a good day or a good evening!

I am so proud of my friend, Dr. Christian Hageseth!

Learning with challenges

  Scoots’ hand in mine, we walk home from school. His other hand blows a new harmonica, one of many Miss Helen bought at Johnson’s Variety. He’s getting better at playing “Has Anybody Seen My Gal.” He misses notes sometimes, but now I can… Continue Reading “Learning with challenges”

For those of you in the cold

I live in Texas. I hate the cold and I hate skiing! (ski instructor pushed me down a hill and I almost flew over a cliff. When he caught up to me, I said, “take these f***king skis of me NOW!) But, for those… Continue Reading “For those of you in the cold”

A Falling-Out

After a falling-out with a friend I had visited in NYC, I originally wrote this as a song. But, of course, now I don’t remember the tune!   85th and Riverside City of lights, its slice of the world where friendships evolve and feeling unfurl and… Continue Reading “A Falling-Out”

First and Last Impressions

  Rummaging through my hoarding stacks of old journals and writings, I found another poem so you can Pillage through my words. Side View Mirror In a side view mirror with a dark side view I’m driving down the highway and I’m thinking of you I see a… Continue Reading “First and Last Impressions”

My gift to you

I painted this on the first day of the Iraqi war and named it “Peace Bubbles.” (I sold this painting and believe it is hanging on a wall in a yoga studio in NYC) Whatever traditions you celebrate this season, I hope your life… Continue Reading “My gift to you”

The truth about my blogging “friends”

I blogged many years back and stopped. Maybe I didn’t understand it or maybe I just didn’t care. But I came back into “your” fold this past August because  I was on a mission. I had a goal and I haven’t done such a good… Continue Reading “The truth about my blogging “friends””