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Shadows from a Bridge

If I ignore the mechanical trills made by the five-o’clock traffic, I can concentrate on the shadows from the bridge. Each year at this time, the shadows lay firm to the hillside and stir pleasant memories. #grateful via Trill

I Am Not Your Sculpture

Please do not carve me into a person of your liking or carve me into something I’m not. Instead, carve me some bread and cheese and I’ll sit down with you in a moment of sharing. Then, we will discover if we can be… Continue Reading “I Am Not Your Sculpture”

Lessons from the Fox

He was undu-ly-late  but that didn’t stop him from making his presence known to The Little Prince. And in excerpts, the fox said: I am a fox. I cannot play with you. I am not tamed. It is an act too often neglected. It… Continue Reading “Lessons from the Fox”


They were lucky to be neighbors, but happier to be best friends. painting by CD-W daily word prompt: neighbors.

Not Alone

Grasping tight and holding warm a single leaf releases grief a sighed relief  in better light, new season born       photo one: credit photo two: credit   daily word prompt: Leaf  

Love for the Evil One

If that clock didn’t tell her the time so accurately, Sofie would have taken a hammer to it long ago. Why else would she have kept it? But she needed the clock. It gave her the idea. She pulled Meta’s box out from under… Continue Reading “Love for the Evil One”

Still stupid

Now, the Charleston ends. Victor Victrola’s needle ch-ch, ch-ch, ch-ch’s searching for something that’s already been used up. Like my memory at the end of carnival night. And Beauty was wrong. My worries are still here. Big Chief Tablet glares at me from the… Continue Reading “Still stupid”

Don’t lick your dog

In the last fourteen hours, I’ve seen more scenery than a turkey vulture. I tell Daddy I can’t wait to go. For the most part, it’s true. I won’t have to think about the vulture’s nest – a tangled up shack were Frank lives.… Continue Reading “Don’t lick your dog”

Contending with Fear

I sit next to Gladys and, without choice, allow my head to throb. My eyes are filled with invisible grains of sand. My body is limp from exhaustion. Mrs. Roberts must feel the same way, only worse. She also has to contend with two… Continue Reading “Contending with Fear”

Out of his comfort zone (until the movie comes on)

  “Well, well, well,” says asshole pimply-faced Kent behind the glass window. “Thought you were leaving for the summer.” How could the tolerant Mr. Pryor hire this racist? “Two tickets.” I thrust the money in the hole. “Two? Where’s your friend?” I don’t want… Continue Reading “Out of his comfort zone (until the movie comes on)”