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The View from a Gutter Isn’t Always Bad

We didn’t know it at the time. It wasn’t planned. But it happened. On the walk home from our second grade class, my best friend, Vanita, and I took a wee bit of a detour. We walked down the creek bed and into the… Continue Reading “The View from a Gutter Isn’t Always Bad”

Breaking routines to find treasures

Funny how, when a friend comes to town, you experience your home city with new eyes. So, when my friend Derick came to town, I broke my routine and did something I hadn’t done in a long while. We hiked up Mount Bonnell, and… Continue Reading “Breaking routines to find treasures”

Ashes to Ashes

It was Mother who told me about Gene dying. Dad had found out when he was in town but gave Mother the job of breaking the news to me. “Cono,” she said, “I got some bad news fer ye.” I thought that maybe we’d… Continue Reading “Ashes to Ashes”

School’s out, but …

“Class dismissed.” After Miss Primrose’s words, the students Dash outside to breathe in the real world. “Scoot? Want to go to the swimming hole to look for Frank? If he’s there, we can’t stay long. Your Mama will have a hissy fit if we’re… Continue Reading “School’s out, but …”

Cleaning a bigot’s plow

“Now what are you talking about? I know what’s right and wrong. And you hanging out with a colored is not right. What would your parents th …” Kent’s words hang in the air, his sentence unfinished. He knows what my parents do. He… Continue Reading “Cleaning a bigot’s plow”

We can’t find Scooter!

  Miss Helen paces and says, “We can’t find Scooter. I even went to the swimming hole.” Now she’s sobbing. “The water’s deep and violent. What if, what if …” She blows her nose on the handkerchief she brought with her. There can’t be… Continue Reading “We can’t find Scooter!”

Sitting in the back of the bus

I’m sitting with Isaac in the back of the bus as we pass Pease Park, one of my favorites. Daddy said Governor Elisha Pease owned the land for a slave plantation. But Pease believed in the Union’s cause so I must imagine that he… Continue Reading “Sitting in the back of the bus”


with style and grace.   Not so much here but you have to admire a man who could care less what he looked like at a Trump inauguration. Daily word prompt: Collaboration

Retaliation of the wrong kind?

Isaac grabs Olvie’s arm as she reaches the doorknob. “Olvie, don’t you do it. I don’t need protection just because a man’s called me names. I’m used to it. And you marching over there and giving him a tongue lashing will only make things… Continue Reading “Retaliation of the wrong kind?”

Body Removal

Betty doesn’t look like Betty unless you stare long enough and Miss Helen’s too busy with body removal to take a good look. “What’s she got, Miss Helen?” Frank asks. “I have an inkling and, if I’m right, she needs medicine right away.” They… Continue Reading “Body Removal”