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Unraveled by a bunny

before I Unraveled him. Literally. I don’t sew. Really. But man, do I love fabrics. So, I got my mother’s 1970’s Singer fixed. I’m terrified of the thing. I started the first of my grandchildren’s Easter Bunnies.  The ears came out extremely wonky, the face almost… Continue Reading “Unraveled by a bunny”

Keep Your Poisonous Swab away from MY Canal

On a scale from one to Ten on the happiness meter, I’d say that  I’m a fairly consistent eight. But, unfortunately, the needle of my frustration o-meter’s is perilously close to the danger zone. Why? My core belief system, my moral code has not only been challenged, but… Continue Reading “Keep Your Poisonous Swab away from MY Canal”

Can I serve my server an arrest warrant?

ERG! Woke up this morning to discover my server wasn’t delivering emails. That meant not being able to accurately keep up with my fellow bloggers. 😦 It seems to be working now, so tomorrow, I have three main items on my agenda list. Go… Continue Reading “Can I serve my server an arrest warrant?”