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Filling the Sinkhole Together

There has to be a loophole for us who still believe in justice, freedom and our rights amidst dishonesty.   This gap won’t last much longer for together we’ll encroach to fill the sinkhole with the hearts we’ll never let them poach.   Hands… Continue Reading “Filling the Sinkhole Together”

Find the Direction

It has come to pass that compassion is the best compass to a greater world. – CDW photo credit     via Compass  

I am not a category

I am different, yet we are the same. Please, do not lump me in a category because you lack awareness. Please, see me as an individual with ideas and thoughts of my own. Please, do not build a wall to keep me in or… Continue Reading “I am not a category”

Am I really thanking Trump?

No, but … We The People had been far too complacent. Most Republicans and Democrats thought he would never win. He did. Snuck right under our noses like a not-so-quiet thief in the night. Then, when we rose, said, “what happened to all our shit?” Trump has… Continue Reading “Am I really thanking Trump?”

Now, I know what this means

I don’t remember what I was thinking when I originally painted this. Now, the meaning is clear.  The “man” below symbolizes our country trying to hold up the Statue of Liberty, America.

Four Million Threads

  They showed from every corner From sea to shining sea And set their sights to ameliorate The key of democracy. And, across the globe they crowded Lifting wings of strength, declared the rights of all humanity Shall no longer be impaired. Yes, on… Continue Reading “Four Million Threads”