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If you study the words and actions of Dr. Martin Luther King, will you become a better person? (inspiration from Tony Burgess Blog and JohnCOYOTE blog) If you bring your experiences to the surface, can you be a better actor? (inspired by RIVRVLOGR blog)… Continue Reading “INSPIRATION AND MY IM-PERFECT-TION”

Back in Bad Ass Grandma’s hometown …

… her granddaughter smiles. “Mom, when will Bad Ass Grandma come back from her vacation?” “What’s so funny?”   “Thinking about what she did. She lifted one leg over something I couldn’t see then ran round and round while bouncing up and down.” “Why… Continue Reading “Back in Bad Ass Grandma’s hometown …”

When Craving Attacks

What do you do if you love fabric but can’t sew, want to paint but don’t feel like bringing out the oils and a large canvas? I created this piece, “Books on the Beach,” for my granddaughter. I made these tiny books 3-D so… Continue Reading “When Craving Attacks”

Grandma’s Slice of Idiom Advice

If you can’t get back on the horse – -well, you can, of course If you can’t find your way home you’re not alone If you can’t lead the horse to water then, dear granddaughter, forget about the nag. ‘Cause if you can’t get… Continue Reading “Grandma’s Slice of Idiom Advice”

The “Feeling” of Flavor

Flavorful is not the chip in front of me. It is seeing the knowledge in my great-grandmother’s eyes as she looks down It is the power of her fingers holding up my whole arm It is knowing that, in touching her hand, I feel… Continue Reading “The “Feeling” of Flavor”

Who’s teaching who on this vacation?

Today, little one, we will teach you about the ocean. About the dolphins jumping freely in front of you. About the feel of sand between your tiny toes. We will teach you how to dig in the sand without eating it and how to… Continue Reading “Who’s teaching who on this vacation?”

When Life becomes Real

My daughter introduced my granddaughter to life outside of a song or a book. My wee one knows that a cow says “moo.” So … Now, she’s met a cow. He stays silent. He doesn’t moo. What’s wrong with these grownups? Do they just… Continue Reading “When Life becomes Real”

Yes, You Can!

I received the printed children’s book I wrote from Mixbook and I’m so happy with it. Mixbook.com does a great job with the printing and they make it easy to create. And, I have a blast finding the art work. Best thing? My granddaughter loves it!… Continue Reading “Yes, You Can!”

You know those times …

… when you think you’ve learned all you’re capable of learning, and then, something wonderful happens? Today, me, the non-sewer, finished my granddaughter’s dress. The seams are wonky, it’s a little too big (falls off the shoulder), the back hem is longer than the… Continue Reading “You know those times …”

Unraveled by a bunny

before I Unraveled him. Literally. I don’t sew. Really. But man, do I love fabrics. So, I got my mother’s 1970’s Singer fixed. I’m terrified of the thing. I started the first of my grandchildren’s Easter Bunnies.  The ears came out extremely wonky, the face almost… Continue Reading “Unraveled by a bunny”