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Karma for Snobs?

The day Miss Vivian was thrown off her high horse, people didn’t look so small anymore.   – by C. Dennis-Willingham

Do Not Weep for Me

Do not weep for me for I have experienced a lifetime of joy the sounds of birthing the squeals of jubilant voices. Do not weep for me for I have felt the vibrations of storms and weathered through them with dignity. I have witnessed… Continue Reading “Do Not Weep for Me”

Feel Each Day Divine

The years are not your gremlins but merely passing times so spend them wisely grow and learn and feel each day divine Happy Thanks-Day, everyone! #feelinggrateful via Gremlins

Wear It Well

Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life. – Rumi     photo one credit photo two credit Daily word prompt: Gratitude  

I Appreciate’cha!

600 followers? But I’m not even a leader! Just a mere writer and voracious reader. Regardless,

This Moment is for You

I just want to take a moment to thank you, all my blogging buds, for the time you have spent looking at my posts and for following me. For a writer, there is no greater compliment. (I know I ramble about all kinds of… Continue Reading “This Moment is for You”

Praise for the Mountain

If I were a cow I would roam beneath a mountain and drink from a cool stream. If I were an Arrowleaf flower I would grow on a mountain hillside and smile proudly at the hikers passing by. If I were the remains of… Continue Reading “Praise for the Mountain”

The reflected image of my life

Serendipitously, I looked over toward the mirror in my bathroom and saw this — the reflected image of my past with my husband and kids — a reminder of where we were and how far we’ve come. As I like to say, “there goes… Continue Reading “The reflected image of my life”

A garden, grateful

The hail ripped through my okra,   oh what a storm, the cucumbers, too but the onions survived and so did the corn!      

When Mother Nature thumps you into awareness

Yesterday morning, when I woke up, I couldn’t talk. This morning, when I woke up, I still couldn’t talk. I mean, NOT AT ALL. Laryngitis is an interesting condition. Perhaps it is nature’s way of telling you to listen, to be still, to be… Continue Reading “When Mother Nature thumps you into awareness”