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I’m glad. Who knows? I might need them when the time comes. I also happened to notice a lot of cigarette butts on the steps. Guess some folks listening to Led Zeppelin wanted a last smoke before entering through the pearly gates. As you…

Not the Usual Graffiti

Most times, when we walk through the dark toward the light, we find something uplifting.

Breaking routines to find treasures

Funny how, when a friend comes to town, you experience your home city with new eyes. So, when my friend Derick came to town, I broke my routine and did something I hadn’t done in a long while. We hiked up Mount Bonnell, and…

Alone but not lonely

Me, my camera, and nature = Bliss. A Solitary moment. Daily Word Prompt

Always changing

Although I love a beautiful mountain lake, for me, there is something about a running stream, always moving, never stagnant, always changing, going somewhere new. So happy I hiked in Colorado long enough to see it!

Getting lost and finding yourself

This Path in Lake Tahoe … led me to beauty, and then …. solitude. More solitude than I expected. I got lost on my way back. Then I mustered up a little stamina and determination that got me home.