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He Can Run But He Can’t Hide

Narrated by Cono Dennis: I listened to those summer bugs, the cicadas, the ones that sound like sandpaper being rubbed together. Aunt Nolie’s radio started to crackle. We knew we were getting close. Finally, we heard the announcer, Clem McCarthy, saying that the fight was about… Continue Reading “He Can Run But He Can’t Hide”

Toothless in a Fur Coat

Hardly Saddler’s rolled up his wagon, pitched a tent and started up his Medicine Show. He told us about his elixirs and about how, if we bought them, they could treat most of our ailments. If he had an elixir for meanness, I would… Continue Reading “Toothless in a Fur Coat”

More Than a Relic

While on vacation in Crested Butte, Colorado, I saw this old washing machine sitting in a front yard of a beautiful old house. Why did I take a photo? Not only was I mesmerized by its beauty, I pictured the gone-by years when it actually… Continue Reading “More Than a Relic”

A True Run-in with Bonnie and Clyde

While in the midst of writing No Hill for a Stepper, my father recounted this event. Here is the excerpt: Delma and me come home from school and can’t find Mother anywhere. She’s always home when we come home from school, so we start… Continue Reading “A True Run-in with Bonnie and Clyde”

Our true history

Paying Homage to the ancient ones. (Click audio and view photos)   I can only imagine their struggles as they fought for survival.   daily word prompt:  Homage    

If it crawls up your drawers

“So’s what she found a scarf? Who wouldn’t pick it up if it weren’t attached to a person?” Reba’s hands might have been in the kitchen when Meta came home, but her ears were everywhere in the house. She knew what had happened. “It… Continue Reading “If it crawls up your drawers”

The Brute at the Butcher Shop

Savage. An appropriate name for a butcher. The door ajar, the stench of raw meat penetrated my nose, but the familiar voice inside stopped me from running past. “Hold on, Sadie.” “What?” Sadie bent down, retying her bootlaces. I peeked inside the butcher shop.… Continue Reading “The Brute at the Butcher Shop”

Missing the country-side

Electric streetcar rails made circular patterns on the paved intersections of busy streets while the trolley’s bells deafened my rural ears. Businesses of every kind lined up one after another, many sharing common walls. Women wore feathers and stuffed birds attached to their hats… Continue Reading “Missing the country-side”

School’s out, but …

“Class dismissed.” After Miss Primrose’s words, the students Dash outside to breathe in the real world. “Scoot? Want to go to the swimming hole to look for Frank? If he’s there, we can’t stay long. Your Mama will have a hissy fit if we’re… Continue Reading “School’s out, but …”

Missing Letters

Saturday is family day, if only two people count as a whole family. We’re not a complete three-legged dog family anymore. Without Mama, Daddy and me have turned into a kangaroo that hops on two feet with sorrow poking out of its pouch. Daddy… Continue Reading “Missing Letters”