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The Emigrant’s Legacy

Strong hands once built a structure in 1889 Ancestors who worked endlessly in an old, unsettled time.   And now, tis I who benefits a creation made of stone this house, a loving bounty and a place I call “my own”.   Author’s note:… Continue Reading “The Emigrant’s Legacy”

My home away from home

The back yard …   elemental – weekly photo prompt

When Life becomes Real

My daughter introduced my granddaughter to life outside of a song or a book. My wee one knows that a cow says “moo.” So … Now, she’s met a cow. He stays silent. He doesn’t moo. What’s wrong with these grownups? Do they just… Continue Reading “When Life becomes Real”

A thunderstorm, a rainbow and a fabulous sunset!

Finally made it out to the Texas Hill Country for a two day stay at our family homestead. Home, on the range.

Where Fairy Tales live

Green – the color of magic.