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Imagination Helps

I so miss my fireflies, but these will do for now. Special thanks to Linda G. Hill for posting the above photo at #1linerWeds. (Top image is from my hand and mind)      

Step Away from the Ledge

What are you doing way up there? Are you trying to branch out? Expand your horizons? Or deaden them? How many ladders do you need? Are two not enough? Really, you don’t need ladders. Get down off that ledge. It won’t solve anything and,… Continue Reading “Step Away from the Ledge”

Filling the Sinkhole Together

There has to be a loophole for us who still believe in justice, freedom and our rights amidst dishonesty.   This gap won’t last much longer for together we’ll encroach to fill the sinkhole with the hearts we’ll never let them poach.   Hands… Continue Reading “Filling the Sinkhole Together”

The Good Thing about “Meh” Posts

Yesterday was a “meh” post day for me – a cute puppy and an attempt at a witty daily word prompt. The good thing about a “meh” post is thinking about it. So, today, learning the new prompt, I thought more about puppies and… Continue Reading “The Good Thing about “Meh” Posts”

Tethering to Glory

In the arms of a rope:   I”d tether to the glory of lily fields and daffodils on wings of whip-poor-wills in flight toward the moon’s calm light   I’d gather all the wisdom known with loosened knots, embrace the thoughts allowing plots of… Continue Reading “Tethering to Glory”

Poems of the Heart

Before I gift you with my favorite poem (and I DO believe it to be a worthy present) I want to share something with you. My mother loved birds. She loved watching them eat from their feeders and poke their beaks at her sliding… Continue Reading “Poems of the Heart”

Be proud of where you are

Labor day is soon approaching and daily prompt’s word of the day is “Dignify.” I thought I’d kill two STONES with one BIRD. See you “at the top.”      

Oh, what a word, what a world

Daily Word prompt is Detonate. Untimely, in my opinion. The word itself is too commonly used these days and its connotation is disturbing. How about we all gather at Disney World and watch as the fireworks are ignited? Let’s see the beauty and feel the magic instead… Continue Reading “Oh, what a word, what a world”

Fear and hope

Infused with fear, but behind a safe door, He gets a Reprieve from the mass’s roar, And hopes for a better tomorrow.