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Nope, Not Me

I din’nt call you! via Identical image credit

Wanna start your Monday with a laugh? For those of you unfamiliar, Candid Camera was a TV show. The original ran from 1960 to 1967 and I remember laughing at the jokes (un-cruel IMHO) played on people. Folks didn’t know that their reactions were…

Bad Ass Grandma: Episode 2

Badda Assa Grandma went to the boxing gym She wrapped her hands, stuck on her gloves, ready to begin Just as the trainer held up his pads her specs slipped down so low she thought she’d jabbed the target but she’d hit him on…

Adventures of Badda-Assa Grandma: Episode 1

      cartoon and photoshop by CD-W

Bad Ass Grandma

Bada Assa Glam-ma didn’t strive for eli-gance. Why bother with the hoo-pla when she came by it per chance? photoshopped by CDW via Elegance  

Would you wear this?

Some of you may have seen this before. It is still my favorite necklace. 😉   via Cheeky  

Do You Have Writer’s Disease?

I’ll talk of my pearls, my rubies and gems of gowns made of lace and gold finished hems I’ll talk of my island surrounded by glory of exotic birds my elite territory Oh, and my face it’s perfect with beauty What’s that you say?…

Risk anyway

It’s risky business, first learning to paint being creative, letting go of restraint who wouldn’t want to see two women chattin’ But maybe not Churchill compressed in a wagon.   (a couple of my numerous early paintings) daily word prompt: Risky

The Woman’s Wee Man

So much did she love her wee Sammy Crockett she kept him tucked safely inside her shirt pocket. He didn’t much mind the prospect at first he never was hungry, nor parched from a thirst. The lining was soft, the fabrics in style He…

No Interest in the Mundane

I have no interest in who wins a national game. I have no interest in popularity or fame I have no interest in taking aim Mostly, I have no interest in the mundane. That’s why finding this in a store bathroom makes a photo…