Is my brain nutty-fied?

To help myself get to sleep, I’ve discovered this trick. I close my eyeballs and “stare” at the back of my eyelids looking for shapes — usually they’re faces. As my brain relaxes, I focus on other images that pop into my semi-consciousness. This one happened the other night so I had to photoshop it so I could show you.

Yes, that’s right. I saw an image of Barny Fife (The Andy Griffith Show) with banana bike handlebars coming out of his head. Geez!

Why, oh why, of all things, this?!

Then it came to me. Earlier in the day I had watched part of an old movie staring Andy Griffith. And, I’ve been contemplating riding my bike again. But my bike isn’t of the banana variety nor does it have streamers on the handles.

What’s one to do?


daily word prompt: Focused