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It started with a run (not my usual post)

Endorphin inspired thoughts

Fertile Ground

Where do your poems grow?

Written in Nature

How nature inspires our writing.

He says it best

Excerpt from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new book “Gmorning, Gnight”

My Unexpected, Wonderful Encounter with the Real Mr. Rogers

Last night, Thanksgiving evening, I relaxed on the couch with my turkey sandwich and watched the documentary, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.” Especially in this political climate, the perfect way to end the day of gratitude. And so, with the new release of “It’s… Continue Reading “My Unexpected, Wonderful Encounter with the Real Mr. Rogers”

Collections From Breathing

A simple breath, the bubble forms then floats in search of things adored keen awareness, filling bareness collections placed and interlaced a meaning soon restored. She dipped below an ocean wave And gave with grace a treasure saved of centuries old, its story told seasons… Continue Reading “Collections From Breathing”

Care for Yourself

When flying, they always say “place the oxygen mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others”. This is a reminder to always take care of yourself first and, if lost, reclaim your position in life.

To Taste the Smells of Distant Shores

To taste the smells of distant shores contents of wares within wooden crates heaved on sturdy shoulders to reach my hand between the wooden slats and feel the relics like silk between my fingers those tastes of memories.   To taste the smells of… Continue Reading “To Taste the Smells of Distant Shores”

Keeping An Eye Out

The human course, it often baffles – the politics, ego, discord – who wants the giveaways of maniacs? No, they can keep their judgement raffles. But if something makes our bellies churn the core, an apple rotten, then curious it makes our eye perhaps,… Continue Reading “Keeping An Eye Out”


This is Mary Jane.   She is a paper doll created by Milton Bradley Co. in the 1950’s. This is me, created by Mom and Dad in the 1950’s. This is Paper Doll Me created by, well, me a few days ago.  Why a… Continue Reading “THIS IS NOT MY BRAIN ON DRUGS”