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Not All Noise Hurts

  But if you prefer silence …     image credit of snail image credit of children laughing image credit of carousel image credit of Preservation Hall image credit of waterfall   via Noise

The “CAN” Polish is Free

“Getting older is inevitable: Aging is optional” – Christine Northrup I know, I know. It’s hard sometimes to get motivated to eat right and exercise, not only our bodies, but our minds. But since I’m about to scroll down another line to hit the…

A personal announcement

As of yesterday, I’m a grandmother again! So much joy and love in this world!

Mothers or Not

Today, mothers must dance. And, if you are not a mother, dance with them.

The Greatest SHOW in the world is not …

… the retired Ringling Bros. Circus. The Greatest Show in the World is  witnessing: the sparkle in an older woman’s eyes when the toddler runs to her with arms wide squeaking, “Grandma!” the squeals of delight attached to smiling faces of children playing in the park the pride…

For My Grandson

I painted this two years ago while waiting for my grandson to be born. When the joyous bundle arrived, all I had to do was fill in the name. Names

My gift to you

I painted this on the first day of the Iraqi war and named it “Peace Bubbles.” (I sold this painting and believe it is hanging on a wall in a yoga studio in NYC) Whatever traditions you celebrate this season, I hope your life…