The Greatest SHOW in the world is not …

… the retired Ringling Bros. Circus.

The Greatest Show in the World is  witnessing:

the sparkle in an older woman’s eyes when the toddler runs to her with arms wide squeaking, “Grandma!”

the squeals of delight attached to smiling faces of children playing in the park

the pride of a loved one who achieved a great accomplishment

the long awaited reunion of members of a family

… and the list goes on.

But what is the greatest of all, of everything that’s meaningful?

Experiencing these feelings of love and joy.




My gift to you

I painted this on the first day of the Iraqi war and named it “Peace Bubbles.” (I sold this painting and believe it is hanging on a wall in a yoga studio in NYC)

Whatever traditions you celebrate this season, I hope your life is filled with peace, acceptance, grace, hope, kindness, joy and LOVE.

All the best to you, my blogging buds! – Carolyn