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Collections From Breathing

A simple breath, the bubble forms then floats in search of things adored keen awareness, filling bareness collections placed and interlaced a meaning soon restored. She dipped below an ocean wave And gave with grace a treasure saved of centuries old, its story told seasons… Continue Reading “Collections From Breathing”

Disappearing Act

We do it from time to time. Right? I’ve seen you do so (when I wasn’t disappearing). “WordPress? Blogging? Later …” you’ve said. Well, here’s a quick re-emergence, a brief “shout out” to say, GIVE ME A MINUTE. I’M ON A ROLL.

A Quilted Journey

In every fabric of my soul where fibers weave and thread where stitching seems quite flawless there are stains from when I bled   Ah, but isn’t it quite marvelous to know this quilt  has tracked all my strains and struggles yet I still… Continue Reading “A Quilted Journey”

When Pencils Need Sharpening

We were born. We didn’t have a choice. We didn’t enroll for this class called “LIFE.” Why would we ever want to “unenroll”? We might miss something unexpected, something better. Yes, some days all the hallways are the same. They lead to the same… Continue Reading “When Pencils Need Sharpening”

Just Try

It is quite indisputable we all can act delusional I believe it to be suitable to live a life unusual The world is not inscrutable it’s alive with things quite beautiful and everything’s improvable Just try.   photo credit   via Inscrutable  

Stuck in Life?

Wearing shoes to cross the guard is a viable solution.   via Viable

Life Is

Get Rid and Live

Once you get rid of the riffraff, the world is calm and beautiful. I created this image by merging two of my paintings via photoshop. daily word press prompt: via Riff

Dance Anyway

I just had a birthday but they say it’s been a year so I am here standing strong a thumbs up and a cheer.   Fifteen years ago, I wrote an entry in my journal about turning 45. Soon afterward, I copied the pages… Continue Reading “Dance Anyway”

the Sighing of pedals

I grow my flowers lovingly  I  touch, their pedals sigh from knowing of their task in life –delight and mystify. The rose, it’s thorns protective, pierce a skin, naive of threat but once a droplet, red, descends the memory’s inset As the milkweed draws the… Continue Reading “the Sighing of pedals”