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What Do You Think About When You Think About Nothing?

She says: “Erase all thoughts from your mind.” “Melt into the floor and think of nothing.” I don’t know about you but I find it extremely hard to think about nothing. The lights are out now. I guess that’s supposed to help. I’m laying…

Releasing Your Breath

Whenever you are stressed or can’t sleep, they say to concentrate on your breath. Laying under the covers, I closed my eyes and inhaled, exhaled, inhaled, exhaled. My mind wondered. “Concentrate,” I scolded myself. In, out. In, out. In my mind’s eye, I saw…

Take Hold, Dear Mind

This crazy world when times, absurd the dark hard to endure take hold, dear mind of simple, calm a panacea cure   painting by CD-W daily word prompt: panacea

Perpetual Motion

The world is round and I can’t stop rolling. All I want to do is rest.

Our Mind is But a Prayer

Our mind is but a prayer of hopes and seasoned dreams a requiem of buoyant thoughts afloat on anxious streams. A life held fast on anchored boat  a bowline knot embraced to keep our thoughts a litany of divine and endless grace  

Turning Your Brain into an Athlete

Unless we train that heady organ of ours, it remains on autopilot and could lead us down a destructive course. The subconscious parts of our brain automatically guides our behavior. Sometimes, we can’t let go of negative thinking or past negative experiences. So, if that…

I am so proud of my friend, Dr. Christian Hageseth!


Sailboat at dust, all is quiet, Swimming bare ass is a riot, He asks of my doing, I float there while mewing, “No one’s so flawed they can’t try it!”      

Redefining Disease

This man, Chris Hageseth, my writing and editing buddy, has Parkinson’s Disease. Instead of giving in to it, he redefines it. Chris is “The Director of the Parkinson’s Disease Support Group, a retired psychiatrist, author and an outspoken activist on sweating out Parkinson’s disease…