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Unsettling In

“They settle into the seats around me⁠and make themselves comfortable.⁠They nudge, prod and poke ⁠but I ignore them.⁠The memories want me ⁠to pay them attention⁠to take me somewhere I’ve already been⁠and don’t care to go back to.⁠They speed me down the track⁠faster than this…

The Peach Stand

Sweat puddles and drips down to her seven-year-old feet like the ice cream will soon do. A sweltering Texas summer. Grandpa grins through his cigar, proud of his summer income. Peaches in boxes and sacks. Peaches in crates lined up on tables beneath his…

Before Amber Alerts

She was told how fun it would be to watch the parade in small town Fredericksburg, Texas. “Exciting for a four-year-old.” “Look at that float!” “Carolyn, do you see the clown?” No. All she saw was the backsides of wiggly people in front of her….

Maybe Tomorrow

She chokes on the water and knows what she needs. A concession stand with vending machines. A flimsy cup no bigger than the size of her small hand drops to the tray and is filled with soda, carbonated water, and ice. A Bruce’s fried pie…


This is Mary Jane.   She is a paper doll created by Milton Bradley Co. in the 1950’s. This is me, created by Mom and Dad in the 1950’s. This is Paper Doll Me created by, well, me a few days ago.  Why a…

Being Less Blind

He started with a solo unexpected, unplanned It was more than a quartet when others joined in. A sad event in American history a funeral an amazing song by Joan Baez incredible drawing and animation and a wonderful memory and reminder of the compassion…

Make it Your Goal

If out of nowhere you smell chicken soup do you conjure up the memory of someone trying to make you feel better? If you lay on the grass, do you see your childhood friends beside you, giggling as a puppy licks your toes? If…

All Things Beloved

Missing a loved one? A special place? A special object that you once held dear? No matter what has transpired … All things beloved can be seen in the mind’s eye. -CD-W via Beloved  

Shadows from a Bridge

If I ignore the mechanical trills made by the five-o’clock traffic, I can concentrate on the shadows from the bridge. Each year at this time, the shadows lay firm to the hillside and stir pleasant memories. #grateful via Trill

Bad Ass Grandma and the Van “Go” ‘s

I’m back in the sixties They called me ‘Peacenik’ The stars were alive and the smoke, it was thick!