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It started with a run (not my usual post)

Endorphin inspired thoughts

Care for Yourself

When flying, they always say “place the oxygen mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others”. This is a reminder to always take care of yourself first and, if lost, reclaim your position in life.

Aren’t You Too?

 I know I am. There is so much I still don’t know and, step by step, I will discovery more.       footsteps image credit via Inchoate

Step Away from the Ledge

What are you doing way up there? Are you trying to branch out? Expand your horizons? Or deaden them? How many ladders do you need? Are two not enough? Really, you don’t need ladders. Get down off that ledge. It won’t solve anything and,…

It’s Out There …

… All you have to do is run toward it.     Out of this World – Weekly Photo Prompt

Just Try

It is quite indisputable we all can act delusional I believe it to be suitable to live a life unusual The world is not inscrutable it’s alive with things quite beautiful and everything’s improvable Just try.   photo credit   via Inscrutable  

What Good Is a Window?

What good is a window   if there’s nothing to see  no season of fall  no drifting of leaves  What good is a window  if there’s only a wall.    What good is a window  if it’s sealed on all sides  if it always stays…

Life Is

The “CAN” Polish is Free

“Getting older is inevitable: Aging is optional” – Christine Northrup I know, I know. It’s hard sometimes to get motivated to eat right and exercise, not only our bodies, but our minds. But since I’m about to scroll down another line to hit the…