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A True Run-in with Bonnie and Clyde

While in the midst of writing No Hill for a Stepper, my father recounted this event. Here is the excerpt: Delma and me come home from school and can’t find Mother anywhere. She’s always home when we come home from school, so we start… Continue Reading “A True Run-in with Bonnie and Clyde”

The Bullied Newsboy

Giovanni spit a honker on Houston Street. Damn that Western Union boy. The only gold he ever saw, his precious tobacco, half spilled on the ground. Giovanni tried to look casual as he plucked himself up off the dusty street and replaced his cap.… Continue Reading “The Bullied Newsboy”

A Poisoned Past

The door, closed, Sofie could hear Meta resuming the piano, another ragtime piece, people clapping. Pacing the room a few times, she downed a glass of whiskey, the whiskey she had taken from the shining closet when no one was looking. Her mind was… Continue Reading “A Poisoned Past”

Tick forward

Papa’s hands, so stiff and cold I could feel my guilt when I touched them. I could not go with him beneath our Texas soil. Instead, I had to swallow the bitter taste of a life void of his teachings and wisdom. Hands of… Continue Reading “Tick forward”

The Stench of Betrayal

Goodbye Beatrice and take the smell of betrayal with you. Why was it the people who left were the ones Sofie truly cared about? First her own father, then Kat and her brother Timothy. Now Beatrice. If her mother were the one who’d left,… Continue Reading “The Stench of Betrayal”

Firing Squad

The officer turned to Sadie. “Miss, get up now. We need to ask you some questions. City Hall is only a short walk.” Sadie gripped the edge of the table as if nailed there. “But I didn’t do anything wrong. I found this the… Continue Reading “Firing Squad”

Pursing God

Moved to a room full of cots, women lay moaning, talking to themselves, soiling their sheets. Some chained to their beds, others forced into straight jackets before bedtime. Most stared up at the flaking, gray ceiling. Everything existed in a different time and place.… Continue Reading “Pursing God”

The guest of a Fruitcake

I had eaten my Swanson’s TV dinner on top of the TV tray and watched and listened to what I could on TV. Even Dr. Kildare, who usually makes me foolishly swoon, looked more like Barney Fife. I’m going bonkers. I know it. But… Continue Reading “The guest of a Fruitcake”

Inching toward the red doors

    With one glance at the oversized house, I knew it wasn’t the right address. I flashed him a cold smile. “That remains to be seen.” “Everybody knows it’s The Boarding House. Just what you asked for. Owner’s a nice lady, too.” He… Continue Reading “Inching toward the red doors”

The searching-for-a-penny-in-your-poop kind of Lifestyle

Dad can catch a housefly in one hand without blinking, so it shouldn’t have surprised me none that his open palm slams fast across my face. As I put my hand to my face he says, “Oh fer cryin’ out loud, Cono! I’ll swannin’,… Continue Reading “The searching-for-a-penny-in-your-poop kind of Lifestyle”