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Disclaimer: No child or pet were harmed during the making of this photo. All are available on Amazon, well, not the kids or the dog. 🙂 One of “my” kids, who just turned three, had NO desire to be part of my shenanigans (smart… Continue Reading “Shameless!”

Through You

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of postings of encouragement to other writers on Instagram. I think one of the reasons is because part of me is really nervous about receiving my editor’s notes on my latest manuscript. I go from “Why isn’t she… Continue Reading “Through You”

Facetiming a very old friend

#RoaringTwenties #Writing What was it like in the 20s one-hundred years ago? Was life more simple then when it was finally acceptable to apply makeup in public, to strap a flask of moonshine beneath your dress and take a sip before voting for the… Continue Reading “Facetiming a very old friend”

Get by with a little help from your (imaginary) friends

Letting our novel’s characters row the boat forward. #writing #authors


#writing #authors I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time picking and choosing and picking and choosing.

Serene Your Morning AND HAVE A LISTEN

Reviving a crazy old bat

I have a character, and, like most, she just sort of showed up. But now she lies dormant and I ache for her to return. I think about her but can’t rouse the crazy old bat – even now when there’s plenty of time… Continue Reading “Reviving a crazy old bat”

A Chipped Tooth of Honor

Gene is teaching me how to play checkers. He lets me be red and I learn about jumping and kinging. I think about Grady’s checkerboard and think that next time I might just ask him for a game. We could sit outside at his… Continue Reading “A Chipped Tooth of Honor”

When the Bull Gets the Last Laugh

Maybe it was a low point for Dad but for me, it was anything but. We were living at the Dennis ranch, when Dad came home drunk and decided it was time to act like a real rodeo star. I was standing outside the… Continue Reading “When the Bull Gets the Last Laugh”

The Worry Wrestler

Ike, my grandfather, ain’t mean like his son. Unless he’s breaking a horse or doing something else with purpose, he’s got a smile perched on his leathered face. He stays cool as a cucumber even when times are hard. I hardly ever see that worry bubble dancing over… Continue Reading “The Worry Wrestler”