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Is Bias always Bias?

If you live in the United States of America, you know what happened. If you don’t, let me recap. This is our current sitting president, Donald J. Trump. image credit Some people like him. Some people loathe him. This is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She… Continue Reading “Is Bias always Bias?”

Prepare to Ring the Bell

His crude and callous spoken words evokes in souls once light darkness, anger, and despair at him, the mighty “right.” But do not fear enlightened ones his sand is running low his hourglass, once emptied will restore the faith we know.   photo credit… Continue Reading “Prepare to Ring the Bell”

He Who Braggeth Too Loud

I have a theory. If a fella has to constantly tell other people how nice and how smart he is, he’s probably not. #mypolitics See his statement here   via Theory  

Stand strong

“Be with a leader when he is right, stay with him when he is still right, but, leave him when he is wrong.–― Abraham Lincoln I think many things now are wrong.