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Fairytale Endings

I didn’t really mean for the painting to come out so pristine-ish (note the perfectly rounded left tree). However, I’ve grown to love the fairytale quality – a place of perfection where nothing can go wrong.

Tethering to Glory

In the arms of a rope:   I”d tether to the glory of lily fields and daffodils on wings of whip-poor-wills in flight toward the moon’s calm light   I’d gather all the wisdom known with loosened knots, embrace the thoughts allowing plots of…

The Recycling of Dead People

Perhaps, with a droll sense of humor, you will chuckle to learn what French artist Martin Drolling used to make Mummy Brown. “Art historians believe he used the remains of French kings disinterred from the royal abbey of St. Denis in Paris” to create…

Get Rid and Live

Once you get rid of the riffraff, the world is calm and beautiful. I created this image by merging two of my paintings via photoshop. daily word press prompt: via Riff

The World is More

Ah! What a delight to open one’s eyes and discover the world is more than black and white.   painting by CD-W after Jean Siméon Chardin’s self portrait daily photo prompt: Black

Perpetual Motion

The world is round and I can’t stop rolling. All I want to do is rest.

Mother Alien

  Photo Challenge: Unusual