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Fairytale Endings

I didn’t really mean for the painting to come out so pristine-ish (note the perfectly rounded left tree). However, I’ve grown to love the fairytale quality – a place of perfection where nothing can go wrong.

Imagination Helps

I so miss my fireflies, but these will do for now. Special thanks to Linda G. Hill for posting the above photo at #1linerWeds. (Top image is from my hand and mind)      

I Won’t Abide

That religion tells me not to dance in that country? Not a chance. But I find the movement so entrancing Nothing quashes me from dancing.   “Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin Dance me through the panic ’til I’m gathered safely…

Take Hold, Dear Mind

This crazy world when times, absurd the dark hard to endure take hold, dear mind of simple, calm a panacea cure   painting by CD-W daily word prompt: panacea

When the Party’s Over

When the party’s over where to go from here? curl into a den of woe and wait to disappear? Breaths of life sustains me when others fill my room without their presence, the lonely heart retreats within the womb Why must I be so…

Damn Straight!

I don’t ride a horse I don’t shoot a gun I eat Mexican food and barbecue and bask in Texas sun I don’t say “ain’t” I don’t chew or spit I can put on a Texas drawl, y’all but only when it fits I…

The Waterfall’s Encore

I would loathe to be a waterfall shed constant tears or’r  worries wall A heart of sadness would entail a final curtain call But I’d sit on top a streaming run in early morn ‘fore day’s begun to feel the soothing water flow awaiting…

So, you’ve made a mistake. Now what?

Do you wrap your shoulders in guilt? Does it make you feel better? Of course not. You did what you did, but the moment has passed. Perhaps it is regret that you are feeling. Regret is better. It means you have taken that nugget,…

Perpetual Motion

The world is round and I can’t stop rolling. All I want to do is rest.

Risk anyway

It’s risky business, first learning to paint being creative, letting go of restraint who wouldn’t want to see two women chattin’ But maybe not Churchill compressed in a wagon.   (a couple of my numerous early paintings) daily word prompt: Risky