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The Rooster Produces

A little note from this all-over-the-map Rooster writer: Yes, my blog post themes hip hops from poetry to politics, from novel excerpts to photography. For this post, my former profession has returned. I have once again dipped my toes into that magical pond of… Continue Reading “The Rooster Produces”

Do You Like Children?

Not everyone does, you know. Some adults think that those little human “beans” should sprout somewhere else, anywhere but in their close proximity. Yes, children are loud and can irritate and inflame every nerve to the point where anti-inflamatories don’t work. Children are curious… Continue Reading “Do You Like Children?”

What numbskull wrote this?

While sitting for my 14 month old granddaughter, I thought once again about┬áthe lyrics of┬áthis creepy song: Rock a bye baby, in a treetop, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock, when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall, and down will come… Continue Reading “What numbskull wrote this?”