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A Lesson Tethered to a Bad Memory

A sunny spring day and all the kids were across the street playing. I decided to take Buffy outside with me without a leash, something I never did – not even as a ten-year-old. We went across the street to the Mandy’s to  play… Continue Reading “A Lesson Tethered to a Bad Memory”

Waiting for Our Hearts to Mend

I will gorge myself with feathers to be light upon my feet as I traipse across the foothills shaking every paw I meet I will stroke the furs with touches soft and kind will be my voice as I offer safety, comfort and a… Continue Reading “Waiting for Our Hearts to Mend”

The Good Thing about “Meh” Posts

Yesterday was a “meh” post day for me – a cute puppy and an attempt at a witty daily word prompt. The good thing about a “meh” post is thinking about it. So, today, learning the new prompt, I thought more about puppies and… Continue Reading “The Good Thing about “Meh” Posts”

Love those Poo-Paws

  Four snippets                    of a Whippet  equals adorable photo credit via Snippet

That rare gift of laughter

One Thanksgiving when we lived in the Tourist Court, we had enough food for Mother to make a real meal, but it was Pooch who landed on Plymouth Rock. We didn’t have money to buy a turkey, but somehow Mother got hold of an… Continue Reading “That rare gift of laughter”

Don’t even think about it, Grand-Dog

Maybe if I stay real still …

Carolyn won’t notice I’m in her koi pond.

Wake up, Everybody! (and hold your ears)

Dad ain’t pleased and I’m payin’ for it

Dad’s been drinking. He sways his way over to me with a look on his sorry-ass face that says, “Ya best answer this next question the way I wanna here it. Where’s Zexie?” He didn’t ask where Pooch was. He could see him lying in… Continue Reading “Dad ain’t pleased and I’m payin’ for it”

I Can’t help it if it’s SPRING in Texas!

Yippee-ki-yah! My mini Aussie is proof. He’s sitting in our sure-fire sign of spring– beside our state flower, the Bluebonnet. (So named by our state legislature in 1901)