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Most Times

… and to, metaphorically speaking, keep your headlights on and your eyes on the road ahead. I took this photo last September while in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.


The day is done but the moon awakes. SCORE! via Rise/Set

A Hint of Peace

Sometimes, between the wall that divides us,  grows a single rose.  

You Can’t Rush the Blush

The conditions, in its favor The moment of magic, short-lived But when it happens, we all stop to look to admire to take pictures for safe-keeping that will always be a reminder – There might not always be a pot of gold, but if…

It’s Out There …

… All you have to do is run toward it.     Out of this World – Weekly Photo Prompt

All Things Beloved

Missing a loved one? A special place? A special object that you once held dear? No matter what has transpired … All things beloved can be seen in the mind’s eye. -CD-W via Beloved  

Shadows from a Bridge

If I ignore the mechanical trills made by the five-o’clock traffic, I can concentrate on the shadows from the bridge. Each year at this time, the shadows lay firm to the hillside and stir pleasant memories. #grateful via Trill

What One Wishes

What winsome, whimsical wallaby doesn’t want water to wet his whistle? photo credit via Winsome

More than Nostalgia

The wonderful thing about writing down memories is keeping them. Because later, like me, you will find those written words. I wrote this 26 years ago when my son was two years old: As grown-ups, we have learned much about life. But we learn…

More Than a Relic

While on vacation in Crested Butte, Colorado, I saw this old washing machine sitting in a front yard of a beautiful old house. Why did I take a photo? Not only was I mesmerized by its beauty, I pictured the gone-by years when it actually…