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Love those Poo-Paws

  Four snippets                    of a Whippet  equals adorable photo credit via Snippet

More than Nostalgia

The wonderful thing about writing down memories is keeping them. Because later, like me, you will find those written words. I wrote this 26 years ago when my son was two years old: As grown-ups, we have learned much about life. But we learn…

More Than a Relic

While on vacation in Crested Butte, Colorado, I saw this old washing machine sitting in a front yard of a beautiful old house. Why did I take a photo? Not only was I mesmerized by its beauty, I pictured the gone-by years when it actually…

Photography Gods

Where do the red birds go when they die? While keeping their colors, they blend with the sky and swirl with the clouds in a free-form of flight with feathers at peace, to the heavens alight   Authors note: Strange how this happened, how…

Or’ange you the one who likes sunsets?

Each one different just like our days a reminder that something new will come tomorrow     Daily word prompt: Orange

Off My Bucket List

I watched the hot air balloon ascend and nervously waited until it was my turn. Truthfully, watching them from the ground is much more peaceful.   Daily word prompt: Ascend

When Walking …

Look left, and maybe you’ll find … … the best kind of pedestrian – protective and kind   Weekly Photo Prompt : Pedestrian PEDESTRIAN

Did they hear

… the snapping of my hidden camera? I hope it made them smile and gifted them with a greater appreciation for themselves and their surroundings a heart-held knowing that their beautiful moment has been captured in time

Waiting for Traffic Before Crossing

The “Feeling” of Flavor

Flavorful is not the chip in front of me. It is seeing the knowledge in my great-grandmother’s eyes as she looks down It is the power of her fingers holding up my whole arm It is knowing that, in touching her hand, I feel…