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via Juxtapose (fun with poetry and photoshop)

Dancing Away Sorrow

My legs move fast my feet still remember Mama ran away. The Charleston ends my feet, still I plunk a new recording on Victor Victrola plant the needle in the grove turn the crank. My feet move again green and yellow squares of rug…

Take Hold, Dear Mind

This crazy world when times, absurd the dark hard to endure take hold, dear mind of simple, calm a panacea cure   painting by CD-W daily word prompt: panacea

Forgivenss: NOW OPEN!!

Grandma parked her Ferrari and rushed through the door of the Moxie Courageous Everything Store. “I need one sturdy jump rope, two twenty-pound weights, elbow and knee pads and blue roller skates.”   “Will  that be all?” the salesman said.   Grandma looked at…

A last laugh

      A last laugh a traitor Deceitful, evil   An hourglass, Beautifully molded Perfect, the glass   Coarse grains of sand now collected the pediment rests.   A finality of time, hemorrhaged out like a single bullet creating two holes A slashing…

A garden, grateful

The hail ripped through my okra,   oh what a storm, the cucumbers, too but the onions survived and so did the corn!      

RAW Journel Kernels – Jump!

Just for fun: 🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂