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What Do You Think About When You Think About Nothing?

She says: “Erase all thoughts from your mind.” “Melt into the floor and think of nothing.” I don’t know about you but I find it extremely hard to think about nothing. The lights are out now. I guess that’s supposed to help. I’m laying… Continue Reading “What Do You Think About When You Think About Nothing?”


I’m glad. Who knows? I might need them when the time comes. I also happened to notice a lot of cigarette butts on the steps. Guess some folks listening to Led Zeppelin wanted a last smoke before entering through the pearly gates. As you… Continue Reading “THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN HAS HANDRAILS!”

Why must I?

always write outside? Even when I travel, I search for a place out in the elements where I can plant my tush, open my laptop and write. Perhaps walls close in my thoughts. Or the heater or AC turning on sounds too artificial. Or I don’t… Continue Reading “Why must I?”

Why am I sad?

Because I fed her and the rest of her eager mates in water world every morning? Because I was excited when Alex the Fish Man said yesterday she was bloated and may be ready to have babies? Alex the Fish Man is on speed… Continue Reading “Why am I sad?”

The Magic In-Between

You know that state when you’re laying in bed? When you’re not asleep but not awake, and thoughts or images pop up from seemingly no where? Do you try to grab them before they slip away and make yourself remember? I had one last night. But before… Continue Reading “The Magic In-Between”