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Protect the Children

Oh little child, your hunger grows for things outside your world of woes gangs and morsels you feed upon to gather strength and carry on. Sirens bellow, flashing lights weaken so the appetite windows now your only shield from who you are and what… Continue Reading “Protect the Children”

That rare gift of laughter

One Thanksgiving when we lived in the Tourist Court, we had enough food for Mother to make a real meal, but it was Pooch who landed on Plymouth Rock. We didn’t have money to buy a turkey, but somehow Mother got hold of an… Continue Reading “That rare gift of laughter”

Ya gotta get to know a fella ‘fore you say you don’t like him

Pa always tells me, “Cono, if ye don’t like somebody, it’s jes’t ’cause you hadn’t got to know him well enough’s all.” That sounds like something H. would say. “Hey, Gene. Ye want to meet a real colored man?” I ask. “Sure, I do.… Continue Reading “Ya gotta get to know a fella ‘fore you say you don’t like him”

The searching-for-a-penny-in-your-poop kind of Lifestyle

Dad can catch a housefly in one hand without blinking, so it shouldn’t have surprised me none that his open palm slams fast across my face. As I put my hand to my face he says, “Oh fer cryin’ out loud, Cono! I’ll swannin’,… Continue Reading “The searching-for-a-penny-in-your-poop kind of Lifestyle”

Unraveling the meaning of “an eye for an eye”

Mr. Pall thinks he’s tougher than a pair of old leather boots, probably because he used to be some kinda wrestler or something. He isn’t nearly as tough as Dad, who last week had beaten a man unconscious on Main Street just because the man spouted… Continue Reading “Unraveling the meaning of “an eye for an eye””

A minimal meal

For a week, the whole house feels pain of one kind or another. Delma’s in one bed crying, Dad’s moaning and cussing in his. But the only sickness Mother and I feel is a mean rumbling in our bellies from lack of food. Since… Continue Reading “A minimal meal”

If you ask me for money…

… I will give you a ticket to the circus where the lions will tell jokes and laugh when you miss the popcorn intended for your mouth. …I will give you a ride to the far side of the moon where angels will rub… Continue Reading “If you ask me for money…”

Uncle Will’s fortune

I ride him up to the front of the house, but start slowing down when I see a car pull up in front of Ma and Pa’s. Not just any car, but a brand new four-door 1931 Cadillac that I know Uncle Will paid… Continue Reading “Uncle Will’s fortune”

You Would be 87 today

I wrote this shortly after my father died in 2009. (Happy Birthday, Daddy) Dear Dad, I write.  My eyes blur.  I see a cowboy hat with a cowboy underneath it.   You’d say,  “This hat’s worth a lot more than what’s underneath it” . … Continue Reading “You Would be 87 today”