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Love for the Evil One

If that clock didn’t tell her the time so accurately, Sofie would have taken a hammer to it long ago. Why else would she have kept it? But she needed the clock. It gave her the idea. She pulled Meta’s box out from under… Continue Reading “Love for the Evil One”


There she was, the unbuttoned girl who didn’t know right from wrong, who always took the path over thorny ground. Demented in heart and void of conscious. Squeezing the life out of my bordello one person at a time until she did it to… Continue Reading “UNHINGED”

Flawed or Innocent?

Why couldn’t wives see the similarities between themselves and a whore? “He’s a client,” Sofie continued. “But watch, when he sees me, he’ll turn away. So will his wife.” The man looked away, just as she thought. “You can’t speak to him?” Innocent Meta.… Continue Reading “Flawed or Innocent?”

The Madam

Never, ever, will I regret saving that woman from the hangman’s noose eleven years ago. That good-for-nothing she killed deserved being plugged. Even so, a Negro woman who murdered a white man might as well start braiding her own rope. “’Nough mess … ”… Continue Reading “The Madam”

The crooning crowd

“Prostitution is a sin. Prostitution is a sin.” The crooning continued. Ugh. My blood boiled. I thought of ignoring them, but John said they were a persistent bunch. Even when thrown out of saloons they remained outside badgering customers. “We expose an evil vice.… Continue Reading “The crooning crowd”

If it crawls up your drawers

“So’s what she found a scarf? Who wouldn’t pick it up if it weren’t attached to a person?” Reba’s hands might have been in the kitchen when Meta came home, but her ears were everywhere in the house. She knew what had happened. “It… Continue Reading “If it crawls up your drawers”

The Brute at the Butcher Shop

Savage. An appropriate name for a butcher. The door ajar, the stench of raw meat penetrated my nose, but the familiar voice inside stopped me from running past. “Hold on, Sadie.” “What?” Sadie bent down, retying her bootlaces. I peeked inside the butcher shop.… Continue Reading “The Brute at the Butcher Shop”

Missing the country-side

Electric streetcar rails made circular patterns on the paved intersections of busy streets while the trolley’s bells deafened my rural ears. Businesses of every kind lined up one after another, many sharing common walls. Women wore feathers and stuffed birds attached to their hats… Continue Reading “Missing the country-side”


“Do you have news for us?” Miss Fannie asked. “Some of it funny.” He turned to Miss Reba. “A Snack?” “If you catch this here.” Miss Reba tossed him a biscuit. Giovanni caught it and took a bite. “Okay,” he said, chewing. “Last night… Continue Reading “Bootlicker”


I blamed my restless sleep on the killer who remained a mere Illusion lurking in the dark. Never in my life had I been so scared. Last night the waves of maelstrom pulled me under and made it hard to breathe. Seeing Sadie bloodied… Continue Reading “Fear”