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We Get to Choose

Yep, felt a bit spunky when I wrote this. But don’t we all know people who, through our eyes, their kindness fades or we see something in their character that we can no longer tolerate? We get to choose our friends, our partners. If… Continue Reading “We Get to Choose”

Fairytale Endings

I didn’t really mean for the painting to come out so pristine-ish (note the perfectly rounded left tree). However, I’ve grown to love the fairytale quality – a place of perfection where nothing can go wrong.


At least that’s what character Emma June thinks. Do you?

Meet Me Half Way

  Meet me half way.   Without compromise our heels will blister our feet will tear, crack and falter We will stumble and crumble and the road will rise and swallow us whole. The demons will tug on our insides until nothing is left… Continue Reading “Meet Me Half Way”

He Ain’t Normal

Although I’d thought about it many a time, I made it through half of the summer without killing No-Account. So has Aunt Nolie for that matter. Her and that dead-beat husband of hers seem be back to some kind of normal — which for… Continue Reading “He Ain’t Normal”

More than a Bloody Moon

Dad is slumped over on me now; half of his weight is on my right side, my right arm under his. I walk him to his side of the bed hoping Mother won’t wake up and see how drunk he is, see the blood I didn’t get… Continue Reading “More than a Bloody Moon”

The Hidden to Light

Entertain me with your laughter not your bravado dance for me a jig and smile when I join you Extend your hand and walk me across the water into a field of wild flowers Run without thought to catch my hat from the breeze… Continue Reading “The Hidden to Light”

Grow Some

For You, Anything. Except …

I planted flowers beneath the moon and all my hopes and dreams came true. I’d do anything for you except, dig them back up.   art by CD-W Weekly Photo Challenge – Rounded

The Woman’s Wee Man

So much did she love her wee Sammy Crockett she kept him tucked safely inside her shirt pocket. He didn’t much mind the prospect at first he never was hungry, nor parched from a thirst. The lining was soft, the fabrics in style He… Continue Reading “The Woman’s Wee Man”