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Love for the Evil One

If that clock didn’t tell her the time so accurately, Sofie would have taken a hammer to it long ago. Why else would she have kept it? But she needed the clock. It gave her the idea. She pulled Meta’s box out from under… Continue Reading “Love for the Evil One”

Miss Proper meets Crude

At some point during the evening, Sadie had removed every stitch of her nightclothes. I turned away while she threw on a blue peignoir. As we Descended the stairs together, I secretly wondered what it would be like to sway my hips down a… Continue Reading “Miss Proper meets Crude”

Meta pretends she’s a prostitute

His lips mashed together into a thin line. “Hey, wait just a confounded minute. Did you say…? They didn’t hire you to, you know…” Retaliation. “Yes! I got a job there, and I know I will love it. The clients can be quite challenging.… Continue Reading “Meta pretends she’s a prostitute”

Happy Birthday, Raphael. But What?

Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio), was born on this day in 1483. This painting, La Fornarina, was of of his mistress, Margherita Luti. Raphael’s premature death was said to have been caused by excessive sex with Margherita the night before. Hmm…  

From sex to an Insane Asylum

Earlier, I had been sitting at the piano, thinking of my deceitful yet productive visit with Mr. O’Connell, when Sadie shared her story in the kitchen. Horrifying as it was, curiosity forced me to stay. I heard every word. When she finished and said… Continue Reading “From sex to an Insane Asylum”

Lustful jelly-mixing?

“Daddy says that an almost fourteen year old boy might want something more than an almost twelve year old girl might want to give.” Now it’s Miss Helen’s turn to puzzle her face. “A thirteen year old boy tried to take advantage of you?”… Continue Reading “Lustful jelly-mixing?”

“Boys that age get a little carried away”

I muster up Miss Brave. “Daddy? Can an almost twelve-year-old have a friend that’s almost fourteen?” “Of course, Sugar Pea.” “Even if it’s a boy?” Daddy sighs and creases his forehead. He places both hands on my shoulders. The pressure feels like serious is… Continue Reading ““Boys that age get a little carried away””

She Mopes Loud!

  I tried to ignore the crash from upstairs—the third one now. Reba shook her head, her smile fading. “She still up there caterwauling and hurling things ’cross her room. Poor chil’ don’t never seem to get a leg back up ’fore it drops… Continue Reading “She Mopes Loud!”

“Fanatics” Against Prostitution!

Greta, one of Sadie’s fellow prostitutes at the bordello, tries to comfort her after they learn members of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union are coming to town to Protest against vice. (From The Last Bordello)     Greta put an arm around Sadie. “I love you… Continue Reading ““Fanatics” Against Prostitution!”

Sadie, before becoming a prostitute

At age fifteen, Sadie Sated Timothy – from The Last Bordello. It started the day Timothy and me sat on a gentle slope on the banks of Geronimo Creek between the honey mesquite and Texas spur grass. He’d snuck a bottle of whiskey from home… Continue Reading “Sadie, before becoming a prostitute”