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The Nestling

I woke to morn, mouth open wide yet not in feathered bed but in a nest atop a tree and reaching toward the sky   Perched high from ground to take the fruit wearing but my skin of birth abrupt and swiftly wisdom flowed…

The Sound of Muses

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens hundreds to choose from in worlds that were written years ago back when this sketch was created these were the titles I most celebrated   When the night comes when the day hums when I reminisce I…

Is the third time a charm?

  What words then do I write When the ink is not to trust? A plethora of letters yes! The thoughts, themselves, disgust. Do I have words left to say That will not cause alarm? Can I wake and try again The third, perhaps, a charm?…

Remembering and thinking of my sweet Lizzie

My charcoal sketch of Lizzie and me.

Perhaps we need to be reminded of this today

Compassion my sketch “after” Da Vinci

RAW Journel Kernels- Louis

A bit of Louis and my own version of “It’s a Wonderful World” (Wanna know what these entries are about? Check out here.)