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One with the World

  My niece, Hannah Hurricane Sanchez, Harmonizes with the world in her artwork. So much talent! Check out her other pieces here.

Perhaps we need to be reminded of this today

Compassion my sketch “after” Da Vinci

RAW Journel Kernels – For You!

A little aroma to start your day. And remember, don’t color within the lines. Stay out of the box!   🙂 All these old journal kernels (entries) are raw, unedited and scanned into this blog. 

RAW Journal Kernels – Shocker!

Well, finding him in my journal was a shocker. I thought he’d left a long time ago. You know, since he was all dressed up and all. Guess I need to add a “fashion” tag to this post. 🙂

RAW Journal Kernels – Dog?

Just for fun …

Raw Journal Kernels – 4

Still working on the whole cob! (Looks like a need to add a Journal Kernel page!)

Raw Journal Kernels- 2

Just for fun! “Skimming through these old treasures, I had this thought: “What if I shared kernels, bits of my past from numerous journal entries?” So, here I go, making myself vulnerable. Again.” – from Raw Journal Kernels- 1 Note: most of the journal entries were… Continue Reading “Raw Journal Kernels- 2”