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Silent Whispers

Solitude internal whispers inspiration gathered strength in silence   Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

When the Party’s Over

When the party’s over where to go from here? curl into a den of woe and wait to disappear? Breaths of life sustains me when others fill my room without their presence, the lonely heart retreats within the womb Why must I be so… Continue Reading “When the Party’s Over”

Will You Come?

Will you row beside me on a lake layered blue To glide past the mountains in calm solitude Through ripples of water, a quiet bouquet just thoughts, without words in a silent buffet Where worry dissolves with each stroke of the oar And Nature… Continue Reading “Will You Come?”

Alone but not lonely

Me, my camera, and nature = Bliss. A Solitary moment. Daily Word Prompt

Where Fairy Tales live

Green – the color of magic.  

Calm for the Soul

Music ‘tis the calm for the soul its lingering presence of tone So sweet the sound, to which I’m bound Doth keep me from being alone.   Refrain! I beg the timbered tone Do not renounce these ears! For with it not, the peace… Continue Reading “Calm for the Soul”