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Praise for the Mountain

If I were a cow I would roam beneath a mountain and drink from a cool stream. If I were an Arrowleaf flower I would grow on a mountain hillside and smile proudly at the hikers passing by. If I were the remains of… Continue Reading “Praise for the Mountain”

A plea for humanity — Will you join me at the river?

It wasn’t a Sunday morning. It was a Thursday evening. I sat on a wooden pew where, beneath my feet in the 1800’s, slaves had congregated to worship in a hole made of dirt. On April 27th, at that same location, I was inside the Simpson… Continue Reading “A plea for humanity — Will you join me at the river?”

The Ultimate Sign of Compassion

As many of you know, I consider myself more “spiritual” than religious. I have not attended a church, for various reasons, in many years. I did grow up in a Lutheran church – baptized, confirmed and married in the same one. I also know… Continue Reading “The Ultimate Sign of Compassion”

“Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.”

Happy Birthday, Anne Lamott! I first “met” this woman when I read Traveling Mercies. Not only did I feel the “spirit”‘ of this book, I also laughed out loud. She admitted that when she prayed, she used the F-bomb saying God didn’t care. He knew… Continue Reading ““Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.””

If you are a Christian

As I sit here researching human rights, including the treatment of immigrants, the poor, the oppressed, I am reminded of my spirituality and the religions that are based on LOVE. One Christian song goes like this: Jesus loves the little children All the children of the world… Continue Reading “If you are a Christian”

Astronaut Jim Lovell’s idea of heaven

Yesterday, when speaking with a friend of mine about the 1960’s, he showed me this famous photo. “And to think,” he said, “that when Jim Lovell took this amazing photo of earth, we were there.” That thought was powerful for me. If you were… Continue Reading “Astronaut Jim Lovell’s idea of heaven”

Do your loved ones visit you after they’ve died?

None of you will question that as we live our lives – go to work, parties, travel, have relationships, etc., –  experiences combine and create how we view the world and ourselves. And grieving the death of loved ones is an experience we all share. First,… Continue Reading “Do your loved ones visit you after they’ve died?”

When Mother Nature thumps you into awareness

Yesterday morning, when I woke up, I couldn’t talk. This morning, when I woke up, I still couldn’t talk. I mean, NOT AT ALL. Laryngitis is an interesting condition. Perhaps it is nature’s way of telling you to listen, to be still, to be… Continue Reading “When Mother Nature thumps you into awareness”

When we yearn to touch

but can’t because we are mere Shadows of ourselves. Aren’t we all, at times?

Redefining Disease

This man, Chris Hageseth, my writing and editing buddy, has Parkinson’s Disease. Instead of giving in to it, he redefines it. Chris is “The Director of the Parkinson’s Disease Support Group, a retired psychiatrist, author and an outspoken activist on sweating out Parkinson’s disease… Continue Reading “Redefining Disease”