A find after the find- Priceless!

Yesterday, while looking for something else, I found a¬†poem I had written to celebrate my new-old parlor grand Steinway. Today, serendipitously or not, I received a FB post from a friend who remembered the party and sent me this picture! The party was 16 years ago so I’m a few years older now. ūüôā


left to right: two of our friends, me in center, my hubby, and Will, our fabulous pianist for the evening. He is also the one who rented the Rolls Royce for picture taking.

I looked, but found something better



I found a treasure instead. My piano, “Three-Legged Dog”,¬†a 1917 parlor-grand Steinway piano, helped me write¬†this poem for her coming-out, coming home party in¬†2000.

We celebrated her arrival in 1920’s costume and music.

She was born in Chicago in 1917, went to New York, was renovated, and settled in my living room many decades later.

So, here she is, my Three-Legged Dog, sharing her poem.

(I would scan¬†the original ¬†poem but, I’m happy to say, red wine stains cover some of the words. So I’ve retyped.)


Well, I’ve seen a lot of changes¬†

many looks on many faces

But I’m wondering what you think of me tonight.

So I stand here in my glory

many years and many stories

And I hope to shed for you a little light.

So looking back, we’re sorting

we begin the process courting

of a kinship to discover varied pasts

And I hope that you will find me

just a little more enlightening

than the accumulation of years gone by too fast.

My insides renovated

many hands participated

in the making of this body – Parlor Grand

I’ve been sheltered, I’ve been trampled

left behind and gently sampled

But I’m balanced on these three legs where I stand.

Have you seen me at my low times

or my even just-for-show times?

Can you tell when I need company by sight?

Let me do some rearranging 

’cause the times, they keep on changing

So I’m wondering what you think of me tonight.

In front of you I’m standing

so proud of parlor granding

and though it seems you haven’t known me very long

I’ll keep us entertaining¬†

for the years that are remaining

’cause the bond I have with you is very strong.

So, I’ll be here ready for you

and I’ll try hard not to bore you

I’m ¬†lucky and I thank the stars above

And I’ll be open, you will hear me

it’s my fortune if you’re near me —

CD-W, 10-24-2000

(or is this me I’m really speaking of?)