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No Birthday Without Her

Scooter and me walk to the swimming hole. He’s playing the blues harp, but even his sour notes don’t distract me from thinking about my birthday. Without Mama, it wouldn’t be a birthday anyway. It would be a few friends, a cake and presents… Continue Reading “No Birthday Without Her”

Dancing Away Sorrow

My legs move fast my feet still remember Mama ran away. The Charleston ends my feet, still I plunk a new recording on Victor Victrola plant the needle in the grove turn the crank. My feet move again green and yellow squares of rug… Continue Reading “Dancing Away Sorrow”

The Smart One in the Bunch

“You think Miss Primrose has the end of the year party planned out,” I say, changing the subject like I wish my teacher would when we’re studying mathematics. Scooter stops blowing his harmonica. “Crowns,” Scooter says. “Stupid crowns.” Last March, when Scooter turned fourteen,… Continue Reading “The Smart One in the Bunch”

Waiting for Rosie’s Cafe

Note: What were the chances I would find the word Willy-nilly (daily post) in one of my writings? As my kids used to say, “Random!” But here it is!   Excerpt from The Moonshine Thicket by C. Dennis-Willingham Mr. Leonard, Scooter, and Frank have… Continue Reading “Waiting for Rosie’s Cafe”

Still stupid

Now, the Charleston ends. Victor Victrola’s needle ch-ch, ch-ch, ch-ch’s searching for something that’s already been used up. Like my memory at the end of carnival night. And Beauty was wrong. My worries are still here. Big Chief Tablet glares at me from the… Continue Reading “Still stupid”

Missing Moms

Maybe Frank doesn’t like the quiet since I’ve stopped talking because he says, “Emma June, I’m sorry about your mom being gone.” My eyes water. I grab a stick, snap it in two. “I’m sorry you don’t get on with your real mom,” I… Continue Reading “Missing Moms”

Don’t lick your dog

In the last fourteen hours, I’ve seen more scenery than a turkey vulture. I tell Daddy I can’t wait to go. For the most part, it’s true. I won’t have to think about the vulture’s nest – a tangled up shack were Frank lives.… Continue Reading “Don’t lick your dog”

Missing Letters

Saturday is family day, if only two people count as a whole family. We’re not a complete three-legged dog family anymore. Without Mama, Daddy and me have turned into a kangaroo that hops on two feet with sorrow poking out of its pouch. Daddy… Continue Reading “Missing Letters”

What poverty looks like

All I hear is the rotting porch creaking from the wind. “It’s the right thing to do,” I say over and over while pulling open the screen door that has more holes than a liar’s tale. The house is crowded with litter. I step… Continue Reading “What poverty looks like”

We can’t find Scooter!

  Miss Helen paces and says, “We can’t find Scooter. I even went to the swimming hole.” Now she’s sobbing. “The water’s deep and violent. What if, what if …” She blows her nose on the handkerchief she brought with her. There can’t be… Continue Reading “We can’t find Scooter!”