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Unsettling In

“They settle into the seats around me⁠and make themselves comfortable.⁠They nudge, prod and poke ⁠but I ignore them.⁠The memories want me ⁠to pay them attention⁠to take me somewhere I’ve already been⁠and don’t care to go back to.⁠They speed me down the track⁠faster than this…

Most Times

… and to, metaphorically speaking, keep your headlights on and your eyes on the road ahead. I took this photo last September while in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Eight seconds to wish you a good day or a good evening!

So, they asked:

… Have you traveled somewhere exciting lately? Yes, in my imagination to here: painting by CD-W Wanderlust

When Earth gives Birth

Entering a port in Stockholm, Sweden Earth

Pass the Port

Come on, now. I’m not cheating on this daily prompt. These patrons needed a Passport to get to PORT-ugal.  

A far cry from home

Clenching didn’t keep my teeth from chattering. Why hadn’t I hadn’t waited until the warmth of spring? I knew the reason. One more day with Uncle Dirk would have driven me to the lunatic asylum. What right did he have to judge me? Electric…

Toothless and perfect

Mario didn’t want a Replacement for his missing tooth. I’m glad. Because when I met him in Italy, he was perfect the way he was.

First and Last Impressions

  Rummaging through my hoarding stacks of old journals and writings, I found another poem so you can Pillage through my words. Side View Mirror In a side view mirror with a dark side view I’m driving down the highway and I’m thinking of you I see a…