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Backstabbing during a hurricane

In case you haven’t heard, Trump continues to posture and force Mexico to build a wall on the Texas border to “keep Mexican immigrants out” of the U.S Meanwhile, just over the border, Mexico has offered to help get Texas “back on its feet… Continue Reading “Backstabbing during a hurricane”

Trump’s on his way here?

He is on his way to Austin right now to visit our control center. I think I’ll crawl under my bed covers and take a nap so I can avoid his “Magnetic” personality. Daily word prompt: magnetic

I just spoke to the Prez

He sent me this email. I know The Affordable Care Act has it’s issues. Still. Here’s my response. I should have asked him to tweet a response back. Something about blood coming out of my you-know-what. Dammit! Why do I think of these things… Continue Reading “I just spoke to the Prez”

Was that REALLY a PRESS conference?

Obviously, Trump’s paper is jammed.

Welcome to D-Trumpy’s World

Hello boys and girls! Today, D-Trumpy brought a box of four furry puppies into the Oval Office. Aren’t they cute? Then, he picked each one up, gave them a kiss on their snout and whispered, “D-Trumpy loves you.” One of them bark-mewed so do you… Continue Reading “Welcome to D-Trumpy’s World”

Don’t like the Outcome?

  People are upset about the outcome of the election. I understand that. Here are two things you can do. The U.S. Constitution  gave us the right to assemble peacefully in protest. – Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting… Continue Reading “Don’t like the Outcome?”