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All Things Beloved

Missing a loved one? A special place? A special object that you once held dear? No matter what has transpired … All things beloved can be seen in the mind’s eye. -CD-W via Beloved  

The Hidden to Light

Entertain me with your laughter not your bravado dance for me a jig and smile when I join you Extend your hand and walk me across the water into a field of wild flowers Run without thought to catch my hat from the breeze… Continue Reading “The Hidden to Light”

Just Gimme Some Truth

The plainest coat of thinnest twine divinest in these troubled times.   The finest suit on vainest man with meanest tone once business man.   The sanest folk with honest speech truthful, earnest  are best to teach   via Nest

Damn Straight!

I don’t ride a horse I don’t shoot a gun I eat Mexican food and barbecue and bask in Texas sun I don’t say “ain’t” I don’t chew or spit I can put on a Texas drawl, y’all but only when it fits I… Continue Reading “Damn Straight!”

The View from a Gutter Isn’t Always Bad

We didn’t know it at the time. It wasn’t planned. But it happened. On the walk home from our second grade class, my best friend, Vanita, and I took a wee bit of a detour. We walked down the creek bed and into the… Continue Reading “The View from a Gutter Isn’t Always Bad”

A Power Punch of Memories

Some say it’s peculiar that I remember so much of my first few years of life. But things like the burning of a hand, or the birth of a little sister, stay with you forever. I remember helping to pin Delma’s cloth diapers around… Continue Reading “A Power Punch of Memories”

Ike’s Spicy Tongue

   (pictures of my great-grandfather, Ike “Isaac Newton” Dennis) Ike mounts his beans on top of his cornbread, takes a bite, then chomps off the end of his jalapeno. Sweat is just pouring off his forehead and tears have started to roll down his… Continue Reading “Ike’s Spicy Tongue”

Can’t beat it with an ugly stick

At least we are together, Delma and me. It’s just another place that I plan to watch over her. I want to keep her close by, so nobody can snatch her away again. As long as I can do that, it doesn’t make no… Continue Reading “Can’t beat it with an ugly stick”

Forgivenss: NOW OPEN!!

Grandma parked her Ferrari and rushed through the door of the Moxie Courageous Everything Store. “I need one sturdy jump rope, two twenty-pound weights, elbow and knee pads and blue roller skates.”   “Will  that be all?” the salesman said.   Grandma looked at… Continue Reading “Forgivenss: NOW OPEN!!”

Shootin’ Sunshine

Here I go again, on the way back to Sweetwater. Not to get a donkey but to shoot Sunshine, My Only Sunshine. Driving down the highway, Aunt Nolie doesn’t talk much, at least not with her mouth. She clutches that steering wheel like she’s… Continue Reading “Shootin’ Sunshine”