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Hurricane Harvey, it’s time to go

Houston, Texas (photos) is about three hours south of here (Austin). Those poor souls are struggling for survival. While some people are receiving the help they need, others are still stranded in their homes waiting for rescue. Meanwhile in Austin: Last week this creek near… Continue Reading “Hurricane Harvey, it’s time to go”

Folks, this Harvey ain’t no rabbit

In this case, Harvey is not the name of Jimmy Stewart’s imaginary rabbit in the film by the same name. No, Harvey is the new tour de force in my home state of Texas. In Austin, where I live, we are only seeing peripheral… Continue Reading “Folks, this Harvey ain’t no rabbit”

Ugh …

Usually in Texas, when women talk about “hail damage,” it’s about cellulite. Good evening, May 11th hail. You may leave now.

I Can’t help it if it’s SPRING in Texas!

Yippee-ki-yah! My mini Aussie is proof. He’s sitting in our sure-fire sign of spring– beside our state flower, the Bluebonnet. (So named by our state legislature in 1901)