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Growing Into Your Skin

I face less fears than I once did those growing pains while still a kid have turned into a pyramid of learning tools and skills.    – C. Dennis-Willingham ©   daily word prompt: Faceless

When I Grow Up …

  She believed there were only pros to fusing things together the bricks to build her house the quilts to keep her grandchildren warm the neighbors at the parties she threw She was a pro at fusing things. Nothing came apart. Nothing tore. Nothing… Continue Reading “When I Grow Up …”

A Lesson Tethered to a Bad Memory

A sunny spring day and all the kids were across the street playing. I decided to take Buffy outside with me without a leash, something I never did – not even as a ten-year-old. We went across the street to the Mandy’s to  play… Continue Reading “A Lesson Tethered to a Bad Memory”

A Smarter Plan

A better hand to beat the man I know which is the cheater But he won’t stop my smarter plan and nothing tastes much sweeter. Painting by CD-W – 1 of 5 of Box People series    

True Wisdom

“If I elevate myself, will you look down on me?” “Ha! If you elevate yourself, it won’t matter.”     daily word prompt: Elevate  

Can you feel Her? Can you see Her in the stone?

She is an old, old woman full of grace but wisdom more She rocks within her sinewed arms a child from long before. She serves as a reminder (Through an image made of stone) those passed are not forgotten, thus we never are alone.