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You Tell Him!


Rev your engines!

  Grab you keys your self-esteem keep your hope alive and get behind your wheels of choice and drive, baby, drive!       photo credit and article

Fighting for rights

A man, close to the front, pumped his fist. “My wife don’t have time for more learning. We got six kids needing supper on the table.” A melee of querulous male voices erupted from the crowd. “Why do women prostitute themselves to the abnormal… Continue Reading “Fighting for rights”

No Pissing in the CUSP-idors

From The Last Bordello Cusp

Me and the world in 1977

You probably know by now how much I love research. When I came across this photo of me on a camping trip in Colorado, I took a look back. Notable things for me that year: -President Carter grants pardon to American Draft dodgers of the… Continue Reading “Me and the world in 1977”

I just spoke to the Prez

He sent me this email. I know The Affordable Care Act has it’s issues. Still. Here’s my response. I should have asked him to tweet a response back. Something about blood coming out of my you-know-what. Dammit! Why do I think of these things… Continue Reading “I just spoke to the Prez”

A Crowd of Resistance

Mrs. Helen Stoddard of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union speaks to an unruly crowd. Mrs. Stoddard scanned the crowd. Some listened while others talked among themselves, paying no attention to her whatsoever. “I grieve with you, citizens of San Antonio. One woman from your… Continue Reading “A Crowd of Resistance”

Keep Your Poisonous Swab away from MY Canal

On a scale from one to Ten on the happiness meter, I’d say that  I’m a fairly consistent eight. But, unfortunately, the needle of my frustration o-meter’s is perilously close to the danger zone. Why? My core belief system, my moral code has not only been challenged, but… Continue Reading “Keep Your Poisonous Swab away from MY Canal”

Our Seeds are Growing and We Will Be Watching!

I do believe that all the marchers on Saturday were part of an Oversight committee. We will keep our eyes on the new President, while our hands remain over our hearts. How I love this piece of art by Louisa Cannell! and this t-shirt some friends of mine wore… Continue Reading “Our Seeds are Growing and We Will Be Watching!”

Four Million Threads

  They showed from every corner From sea to shining sea And set their sights to ameliorate The key of democracy. And, across the globe they crowded Lifting wings of strength, declared the rights of all humanity Shall no longer be impaired. Yes, on… Continue Reading “Four Million Threads”