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Facetiming a very old friend

#RoaringTwenties #Writing What was it like in the 20s one-hundred years ago? Was life more simple then when it was finally acceptable to apply makeup in public, to strap a flask of moonshine beneath your dress and take a sip before voting for the…

Authors love new readers

All are welcome. Agility not required. (Thank you, Pixabay, for the free cute monkey image. I made him pay for the book)

The Bees knees

Working towards publication of novel.

Let your breath travel

Venture to a road less traveled mysteries wither, then unravel a fate explained a purpose gained amidst the trodden gravel. © Carolyn Dennis-Willingham

The Writers block

You know how, when you finish that memoir, novel, book of poetry, and all of a sudden, your realize it’s done? Over? Maybe your writing is in the hands of an editor. Maybe your work is already published (Hooray!). But now? Perhaps you’re all-too…

Locked Down? Let your breath travel – 10

Wreath of light, it then surrounds the wonderment of joyous sounds hear the laughter trailing after blessings with no bounds. See previous here.

Not Complainin’, just sayin’ (and askin’)

If you find that you are thumbin’ but there’s no place you can go ’cause the trains, they won’t be comin’ and the cars, they’ve all been stowed Just ponder momentarily where it is you’d like to be The perfect place that you’d embrace…

Locked Down? Let Your breath travel – 7

And isn’t it the butterfly Who, at first, must analyse escaping routes and second doubts before it reaches sky? See previous here